ZIL 4112-R, the new great Russian limousine

Russian manufacturer ZIL caught again not what to manufacture luxury limousines and large vehicles of representation. In fact, the cars of high Soviet authorities were made by this State, and now, decades later, they return to the fray with its 4112-R ZIL. After presenting the first design sketches, still in prototype, now disclosed this new limo, and the truth is that it is said to be new, because for its exterior design averiguaríamos barely.

The ZIL 4112-R is inspired by the lines of the great Russian limousine seventies and eighties, with characteristics such as square lines, but new details are more typical of the times in which we live, as their headlamps , painted bumpers or chrome front grille. A likeness of the great American classic limousines, ZIL adapted his philosophy to the communist world, and surely this ZIL 4112-R will be among the favorite vehicles of senior officials of the current capitalist Russia.

Features include its V8 engine of 7.7 liter engine with 400 hp. It can reach 200 km / h, a speed somewhat discreet, but bear in mind its unfavorable aerodynamics, its five-speed automatic transmission and weight of no less than 3,500 kg (presumably including as usual shielding).

The interior is certainly the most careful, and that its occupants (up to six passengers) will not miss anything at fault, with luxury and comfort in abundance: leather upholstery and wood of the highest quality, TV, built-in bar and course space, plenty of room. Over the coming months will begin to build the first units of this “new” (note the quotes) model. Certainly the political class and Russian billionaires are its main objectives.

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