Zenos E10, the alternative to Caterham Seven driven by Ansar Ali

zenos-e10-chasis-1One of the great architects of Caterham registered growth in recent years has been Ansar Ali, named CEO of the British firm in 2005 and remained in charge until the summer of 2012. The turning point in the company, which came to be controlled by Tony Fernandes, forced this goodbye although Ansar Ali felt identified with the philosophy of the brand. So much so that the British exdirectivo has decided to embark on a new adventure that has many similarities by Caterham.

A few days ago, Ansar Ali announced the creation of the company Zenos Cars, launched together with Caterham COO Mark Edwards, and said what the first steps that will this ambitious brand. First, they have released the first details of Zenos E10, a model that will own philosophy of Caterham Seven, the BAC Mono or Vühl 05, which seeks greater lightness and greater power / weight ratio possible. The goal is to get a car that weighs less than 650 kg and has a ratio of 300 hp / tonne.
To do this, they will use an aluminum chassis and a body made of carbon fiber. The selected engine will be a 2.0 petrol 200 bhp and 247 Nm supplied by Ford, located centrally and linked to a manual gearbox five speeds. The top two images show the side view of the car, very similar to that offered by the Caterham Seven, and the most basic details of the newly designed chassis Zenos created for this new project.

However, Ansar Ali’s ambition goes beyond this model and I have in mind to create two models, coded as E11 and E12, whose sketches are below. The E11 shows the silhouette of a compact two-seater convertible while the coupe E12 is more elongated than the E11. In both cases, it is expected that the final weight of both models not exceeding 750 kg. The timing of the company plans to launch the E10 in 2014, the E11 in 2016 and E12 in 2018. Therefore, in the next few months we should know more details about the E10.
zenos-e11-boceto zenos-e12-boceto

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