Will this behind and inside the new Volkswagen Golf VII?

The wait is about to end and tomorrow we will know all the details of this, the seventh generation, the new Volkswagen Golf. Eagerly hope that has long been the benchmark for compact will completely renovated and new building on the common platform of the Volkswagen Group.

So far there had been no published official image and what we offer is apparently a preview of a catch of a dossier which shows behind the design of the dashboard and the new Volkswagen Golf. The images have been leaked by the German magazine Auto Zeitung, and although we can not guarantee its accuracy seems to correspond to what we expect from this new compact Bavarian.

The design of the dashboard and the dashboard of the new Volkswagen Golf
I for one would give credence to these images considering that the photographs of the interior that we present here are pretty accurate with the description given by some accredited journalists could attend a closed door, which is not allowed cameras or devices electronics that could take screenshots of the new generation of Volkswagen Golf.

A wheel flattened at the bottom with three radios and a button layout pretty minimalist. After this a dashboard with two large clocks (tachometer and speedometer) and two clocks (temperature coolant circuit and fuel tank volume). The center console dominated by a large touch screen, which is offered in various dimensions, and below the air conditioning controls virtually the same as those present in the Volkswagen CC and Volkswagen Tiguan. In the upper part would aerators with an elongated design, also very similar to that seen in the CC.

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