Why is still selling the Mercedes G-Class?

Good question. We speak of a vehicle from which hurl the market in 1979 has received updates but still the same basic design. In addition, it sells a discrete number of units each year and not even made Mercedes, but Magna Steyr, and life as well.

The answer is, among other things, its high price, so that their production is profitable. This price is partly justified in their interiors and technology, high-end, which serve to keep you updated and still meets the standards of the day.

Its largest markets are the Chinese and Russian, where it remains willing to buy it crazy. Why do I say crazy? Because the G 65 AMG is the most expensive model of the entire brand (more than 260,000 euros) and 4 × 4 standard world’s most powerful (612 hp), and the basic G 350 BlueTEC “only” costs 85,000 euros and peak prices in Germany in both cases.

Although it has been modernized enough in terms of interior and has touch screen or technologies that have relatives in range, still carrying a chassis rails and cross members in addition to a crude system of differential locks, three to be precise-that continues to make noise. That in itself is hard as Chuck Norris.

Well, like the Hummer H2, but has plenty skills, many units are never filled with mud, are to show off and prove to others that have been paid a Class G, which are mounted on the dollar, or yuan or ruble or euro.

If the Class G had remained faithful to the philosophy of commercial vehicle, without aspiring to luxury, have been discontinued years ago, or the legendary Land Rover Defender pound. The SUV craze has removed many 4 × 4 road, the customer is always right.

It has sold over 200,000 units and the Graz factory has a contract with Daimler AG (Mercedes matrix) by 2015 at least. While still attractive for the new rich, will remain in production.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class in its infancy was a road for military service, ambulance, fire, police … and customers who wanted a 4 × 4 of the drives. Today it has become a car for millionaires and people who can afford it, trust but rudimentary technologies of proven effectiveness.

It has also been very illustrious owners, like the Pope, because he was the popemobile for many years. It has forged a myth and there is, refusing to grow old, defying the laws of the market, those who say that when you pass a fashionable car just disappear.


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