Where to get SInister Diesel

The original idea for Sinister Diesel arose when a group of diesel, truck, and 4×4 fans got together with the idea of changing the automotive aftermarket industry. Improvement of customer service and providing high performance diesel parts for equally ardent fans intrigued them. On the other hand, there are multitudes of online parts suppliers, so how do you entice customers to your site? It is simple; provide aftermarket parts for different models of vehicles. Our parts can help give a comfortable ride and jazz up your truck. We have lights, grille inserts, suspension parts, and leveling kits. Replacement engines with more power are readily available.

You have to see the aftermarket wheels to appreciate their color and features. What really makes the difference, however, is our service. All you have to do is get on the phone if you’re having a problem installing or envisioning the part, and our competent service people will give you advice. The service people aren’t just dedicated to being great answerers of telephones – they have experience working with the parts and upgrades that we sell. Need something that is a little edgier in style or performance? Check out the line of parts we make ourselves with the Sinister Diesel brand on them. You will get the extra care and features that you would offer if you were selling them yourself. See Sinister Diesel at MKMCustoms.com for the best.

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