Weineck Cobra, 1,200 hp classical body

If we talk about the AC Cobra, surely we are referring to one of the most emblematic and iconic sport of automotive history. Originally born in Britain, his legend grew thanks to Shelby, who had the vision to assemble a large displacement American engine in the lightweight two-seater. Specifically, a Ford V8 engine source. The Shelby Cobra were small animals with a performance very high, making their own right in a single species to match.

But the original concept and the subsequent idea of Shelby was still beyond the hands of countless preparations or replications, and even today remains a recurrent pattern. Weineck is one of these specialists, dedicated to making replicas in Germany by artisans of the most exclusive and powerful, based on the original Shelby Cobra. To his credit include units like this that we present here, with a huge V8 engine of 12.9 liters and 1,200 hp.

No, it’s no mistake. The Weineck Cobra have eight cylinders in V and no less than 12.9 liters of displacement. This unit delivers 1,200 hp and a torque of truck, no less than 1,760 Nm of peak, remained between 3,600 and 7,000 rpm. No wonder that its benefits are almost Formula 1, putting it very difficult even to himself Veyron. For instance, according to unofficial performance is said to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just over 2 seconds and only takes ten seconds to reach 300 km / h from standstill.

In some units these Weineck Cobra have come to reach the 1,800 hp with thorough preparations. Of course, with an engine of this caliber better not talk about consumption. It is said that their average consumption is 50 liters per 100 km (not surprise me that shoe was giving well over), and that regardless of which need high octane gasoline (over 100 octane). Aesthetically not supported nuances, and its exterior is afraid and amazed in equal measure. Want one? Well prepared almost half a million euros: in Autoscout24.de sold brand new unit for 450,000 euros.

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