Volvo may be preparing a new S60 R Polestar to fight with the Audi S4

Volvo has not traditionally been a producer of sports car brand, but in recent decades were the fantastic Volvo 850R, S60 R and V70 R, both sharing an engine 2.5 turbo five-cylinder. Overfed, but discrete figures have reached up to 300 hp and AWD. Today as we can acquire prestacional Volvo S60 and V60 are the T6 engine, a 3.2 supercharged six-cylinder engine that develops 306 hp healthy figure.

Some spy shots of a few days ago we showed a Volvo S60 brutalized a road test in Europe. The body was partially hidden, but the tires were much wider than normal. Polestar Volvo already sells versions of the S60 and V60, boosted to 325 hp, but here we are talking about a machine with an output of more than 350 hp, AWD and sporting aspirations. What is said a Volvo S60 R in the making.

Polestar have set the title of this post because the competition arm of Volvo might say much, both in its development as a possible final name. To CarScoop, an artist has produced a very interesting recreation, which reveals a Volvo S60 with black rims, an aggressive body kit and wheel arches. The goal of a Volvo S60 R with a capacity of between 350 and 400 hp would be to compete with machines like the Audi S4.

The BMW M3 – and especially its future iteration – it would be too big, but it’s always good to know that a company like Volvo is serious about high performance. At the moment we dream of a spiritual replacement of those Volvo 850 R, which more than one sport confused with simple square-looking family …

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