Volvo and Geely: brilliant collaboration synergies or unnatural?

volvo-coupe-concept-59-dm-700px-1When holding a huge Asian is a car brand in Europe, our first reaction, almost instinctively, is to meet with much suspicion of what might happen. Today no one will question the success and bright present and future that awaits Jaguar and Land Rover. And all due to the coming into play of the vast Indian empire Rattan Tata. For the first time in a while Jaguar thought of herself as a brand and not a chess piece of a large automotive group with interests often at odds.

History may repeat. Volvo European brand is now eagerly awaiting one of the revolutions in its most important product line in 85 years of history. And the Asian investor will act as healer will Geely Holding, whose image, much to his dismay, has been usually associated with false attempts to imitate European products and low quality and safety of their models. But how Geely and Volvo will work to match the vested interests in their traditional markets?

volvo-coupe-concept-p-6-dm-700pxGeely has chosen to pack up and take advantage of the situation of Volvo to set one of its most important bases in Gothenburg (Sweden), the new Research and Development Center of Geely and Volvo. Do not have hesitated for a moment to put in command of the Mats Fägerhag operation, responsible for product strategy and long before Volvo moved to Gothenburg – when I lived in Trollhättan – responsible unborn famous Saab Phoenix platform. What a coincidence …

Ultimately, Geely knows what he’s doing. The CEO of the holding company, Li Shufu, acknowledged that there has been a perfect opportunity for “Geely further improve the quality of their products for years learning from the experience of Volvo”. The new R & D center will have 200 workers, most of them with their year-old Volvo, though many others come directly from China to learn the know-how Swedish.

volvo-concept-you-dm-700pxHow long before we start seeing the first Geely at the level of the best European products? More of a brand should begin to start trembling …

And now, the question you’ll be doing is this, how will this collaboration Volvo’s new products?

The first order of the new R & D center in Gothenburg will develop a modular platform with a unique architecture that is able to adapt to the requirements of diverse segments. That platform, in turn, could diversify into two branches, the first, the products of small and medium size in the line of new Volvo V40 and awaited compact SUV, which effectively rival the Range Rover Evoque. And of course a second line for traditional models of Volvo, coupes, sedans, family and large SUVs, architecture SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) which premiered last week at Frankfurt with the prototype Volvo Coupé Concept.

Volvo has found his own Rattan Tata, without complexes or unequal treatment that sometimes occurs in a large automotive group with many competing interests. Volvo would have a powerful and wealthy ally that would allow renewed from head to toe, their products present and attack with many new bill.

geely-dm-700pxSo Volvo things could start developing products that until now could not conceive of another way, such a hypothetical Volvo XC40, ensuring along the way that no compromise on quality would improve their profit margins. Geely will be bringing a rich and valuable know-how Swedish gap on the Old Continent, would have raised even the possibility of launching a new brand with a product generalist, oriental, but with the primary objective of boast a good standard of quality.

Again. How long before we see a Chinese car with a standard of quality and safety at the level – or above – the best European products?

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