Volvo C90 and XC40: new segments in the spotlight

Volvo aims to reach new horizons. New segments that attract customers in the middle of the crisis. Two new steps in the range that would position at opposite poles and that bind to the recent rumors of the possible development of a Volvo S60 R to fight directly against the Audi S4, presumably with more than 350 horsepower delivered to the 4 wheels and an appearance sports.

These two new models in the range reach to cover the one hand, the space left below the XC60, ie, the superior alternatives covered in the widest offroad brand, launched at the lower rungs with a hypothetical Volvo XC40 on the other hand, a high-powered coupe, the C90 alleged direct to tackle the range of coupes arrived from Germany, the Audi A5 and Mercedes E Class coupe, among others.

Two important new models for the Volvo range that have earned a place among the industry rumor mill, leaving the trail of the consideration by the mark of a coupe above the coupé-cabriolet C70. According to the source could be based on the S60 driven by a four-cylinder that would have even a greener side of the hand of a plug-in version. There is little data on it for now.

As for the Volvo XC40 looks like a more logical alternative than if we take into account the record of sales in this segment. A compact crossover derived from the newly introduced V40 ready to get his piece of sales in the competitive segment. This would XC40 SUV rather than as compact Raised more rustic appearance. Sills, reinforced front and rear to encourage in the widest offroad bumpers unpainted plastic finish …

Rumor Volvo XC40 could this even before it get terminate this year at the French event of the Paris Salon, so we expect little, for details of this model appears to be unlike almost for granted more uncertain the Volvo C90.

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