Volkswagen plans to relaunch the VR6 engines due to overfeeding

volkswagen-golf-vision-design-gti-01-1024x724Few will know no narrow V thrusters of Volkswagen, commonly known as VR engines. These individuals have served as engines Volkswagen over its history to mark milestones in production models as were the Volkswagen Corrado VR6 or Volkswagen Golf VR6 teaming up escalators. This design has had different configurations that have even come to serve the purposes of the most peculiar yet available propellants in W.

Volkswagen works to revive, and revive the appearance say more performance, configuration VR6 with bank angle of 15 ° or 10.5 ° to resume very practical design allows it to be implemented in different models of the group thanks to its small footprint in compared with other conventional designs such as six-cylinder V6 or inline 6. The latest evolution more radical VR6 engine was what Volkswagen Passat R36 Stayed with a design update VR with 10.5 ° between benches, 3.6 liters and an output of 300 hp.

At present, only the Skoda Superb Combi Volkswagen Phaeton VR6 and still employ mechanics with 3.6 liter VR6 penalties imposed by having to comply with the Euro V. With its sights set on the Euro VI, Volkswagen is preparing a major evolution VR design to offer a qualitative leap that puts this engine in the first line of high performance models of the group.

The boost implementation is confirmed in a time where efficiency and performance are required to be understood. To achieve improved emissions records, Volkswagen added a new evolution of stratified direct injection FSI, include Stop & Start system, distribution and raised intake and exhaust variable and selective disconnection of cylinders.


Taking look back, over the Wörthersee festival, we know the Vision Design Volkswagen Golf GTI. This prototype hiding a deep review of the VR6 engine for the occasion cubed 3 liters, two turbochargers in parallel and a final power close to 500 hp. Playing the game of differences, it seems that this conceptual prototype indicates the master stroke of the new generation of VR6 engines with power between 400 and 450 hp.

The rise of mechanical four and three cylinders remain in force, but the arrival of this new generation of VR6 engines with power up to 450 hp could become the heart of important new models in the group. A clear example of this philosophy is found in the 4.0 V8 TFSI mechanical marking the way to go with up to 560 hp.


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