Volkswagen lost almost 5 million euros in each Bugatti Veyron made

perdidas-automovil-3Recently, Autocar has published the findings of a study by consulting firm Bernstein Research , on the biggest losers in the history of the automobile. No, not the worst cars I speak of those who have generated more losses for the manufacturer. And some of the most painted frightening results . We all knew that the Bugatti Veyron was sold at a loss, but we knew that the Volkswagen Group has lost 4.65 million euros for each of the nearly 360 Veyron they have sold.

When termination of production of the Veyron – estimated at 450 units – Volkswagen has lost nearly 2,100 million euros in its flagship . However, if a manufacturer can afford such a loss is the Volkswagen Group . And in the background the Bugatti Veyron is a technological showcase , a vehicle for the purpose of announcing to the four winds of the Volkswagen Group is able . The darling of Ferdinand Piech , the supercar that breaks all speed records . The Car.

perdidas-automovil-2If a customer has to pay the cost of production of these vehicles would have to pay around six million euros. Even so still have customers, but perhaps not as many. The case of this engine supercar with W16 quad-turbo 8.0 and up to 1,200 HP is an exception in the automotive world, but there are also more “losers” that are worth paying attention. In second place we have another member of the Volkswagen Group, the Volkswagen Phaeton.

This luxury sedan loses € 28,307 per unit sold, and again, is another project supported by Ferdinand Piech. Its engines have served basis and starting point for much of the Bentley Continental range, so I think that at least its development has been amortized in part. In third place is the Renault Vel Satis, Renault’s attempt to produce a vehicle which was not well premium collected by the public, despite their good attributes and interesting approach.

perdidas-automovil-1The rest of the Top Ten vehicles are not that surprising , basically are machines whose sales have been poor. Marketing Mistakes , vehicles too ahead of their time or cars that have not done what was expected of them . Not surprisingly , therefore, the presence of the Peugeot 1007 and the Audi A2 . Without going any further , the Jaguar X -Type – he shared basis with the Ford Mondeo – has been recognized as an error by Jaguar . Let us now project losses , much more significant .

The first post – that this time not a good thing – is for first-generation smart fortwo . The project started from scratch with the Daimler takeover by Nicholas Hayek project , owner of Swatch. Daimler turned this project into a technology cross , with the development of a new platform, three-cylinder turbo engine and automated manual gearbox . A huge investment for a low cost carrier , which generated global losses of 3,370 million euros.

perdidas-automovil-4Again, not surprising to see in the list to the Jaguar X-Type, Peugeot or Fiat Stilo 1007. Fiat overestimated by 70% sales of its Stilo, Peugeot by 88% sales of Jaguar in 1007 and 74% those of the X-Type. We have recently seen sales underestimate a particular model can also be dangerous, with the case of the new Range Rover. We found also on the list to Mercedes Class A – whose development was all a nightmare – and the two darlings of Ferdinand Piech.

In short, an interesting compendium of errors, displays of wealth and misunderstood vehicles, which we leave both Top 10 for reflection and analysis below.

Losses per unit produced

1. 2005-2013: Bugatti Veyron – 4.65 million euros
2. 2001 -: Volkswagen Phaeton – € 28,307
3. 2001-2009: Renault Vel Satis – € 18,849
4. 2004-2009: Peugeot 1007-15493 €
5. 2000 – 2005: Audi A2 – € 7587
6. 2001 – 2009: Jaguar X-Type – 4,720 €
7. 1997-2006: smart fortwo – € 4500
8. 2006 – 2012: Renault Laguna – € 3573
9. 2001-2009: Fiat Stilo – € 2748
10. 1997-2004: Mercedes Class A – € 1,452

Accumulated losses per project (thousand milion euros)

1. 1997-2006: smart fortwo – 3.37
2. 2001-2009: Fiat Stilo – 2.11
3. 2001 -: Volkswagen Phaeton – 2.01
4. 2004-2009: Peugeot 1007 to 1.90
5. 1997-2004: Mercedes Class A – 1.72
6. 2005-2013: Bugatti Veyron – 1.71
7. 2001 – 2009: Jaguar X-Type – 1.71
8. 2006 – 2012: Renault Laguna – 1.55
9. 2000 – 2005: Audi A2 – 1.43
10. 2001-2009: Renault Vel Satis – 1.19

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