Volkswagen AG is done with the remaining piece of Porsche

It seems incredible that just three years ago was Porsche, the fish “small”, who was quick to seize an important piece of Volkswagen by buying shares of the giant German group financed by loans that nearly bankrupted them and suspension of payments. But in just three springs the situation is reversed to the extent that the Volkswagen Group has succeeded to capture the entire Stuttgart sports car manufacturer.

The masterstroke covered in certain loopholes in German law allowed them to gain 50.1% of the shares not yet owned by 3,880 million euros, using the path of restructuring and the merger. This amount seems high not so much when you consider that the movement has allowed them to save more than one thousand million euros in taxes alone, and today Porsche is one of the most profitable manufacturers on the European scene. Porsche has definitely been made in full in the Volkswagen Group, to remember that was also recently one of the manufacturers of motorcycles with more tradition in Italy, Ducati.

A practical and macroeconomic levels, the full integration of Porsche in Volkswagen could facilitate the exchange of technologies that previously remained greater transparency and maximum speed. But could speeded the development of new models to exploit niche markets for both brands. Porsche will benefit from even faster growth than that experienced in recent years, entering new segments and succulent. Volkswagen AG on its part and as close the year with expected benefits from this operation and to massive increases in sales of Porsche for two successful cases as Cayenne and Panamera, and more than likely win the new Porsche Macan.

If the rumors that have been launched in recent years, a priori models that could receive the green light for Porsche in Stuttgart with this final agreement could pass for a sports car more affordable access to existing or a midsize sedan below the panamera sports.

The definitive consolidation of Porsche in the Volkswagen Group will be effective Aug. 1.

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