Vilner Studio restores a Mercedes-Benz SL “Pagoda”

Vilner Studio, a firm specializing in Bulgarian interior design which we have spoken on occasion, made a very special job for a client who wanted to see restored to its Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster from the sixties, also commonly called “Pagoda” by the concave shape of the roof.

Vilner Externally the car has barely worked, except for the cream-colored body with details in a brown coffee, tires (they look the same coffee brown with the logo of Mercedes-Benz in the center) or the numbering of races .

The background work has been carried out inside, where they have mainly used the same two exterior colors, beige and coffee brown. The car has been reupholstered from top to bottom, including the trunk, and included embroidery and distinctive “Gentle Pagoda” at your request. What do you think the job? You can see more photos below.

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