Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R: all the details of the latest “craze” Toyota Hybrid

Toyota_Yaris_Hybrid-R_1280_DM_24Toyota has surprised the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013, has come up with a Toyota Yaris taken to the extreme technology based, showing knowledge as far as hybrids are concerned, all mixed with a dose of sportiness and with plenty of power for create the Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R.

We walked into the bowels of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R, through the design and analysis of all additives which has accompanied this brutalized utility to know in depth the concept of hybrid GTI presented by Toyota with this model, a model that makes us immediately think of the future successor of the Toyota Supra and its possible mechanical.

To receive the 420-horsepower hybrid set, the small Japanese is adorned with a body kit that is sure to more than one utility owner would like to have. A bumper with a large front grille, side wing extensions, the heel of your profile a more discreet rear bumper but equally athletic, signed by TRD wheels with 18-inch Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires and brush in blue to dress the set.

After the aforementioned wheels has given Toyota Yaris tweezers this 6-piston brake for the front axle, 4 in the case of the rear and drilled brakes, while inside we find backtes signed by Recaro using a combination of black and blue. The alcantara extends throughout the cabin, from the seats to the steering wheel trimmed through.

Under the added aesthetic with which it has provided this Toyota Yaris, after that body kit hides a hybrid mechanical lifts Toyota Yaris power to 420 horses. The set is comprised of a 1.6 block supercharged 4-cylinder with direct injection, delivering a power of 300 horses. This 4-cylinder engine has been developed by Toyota Motorsport GmbH following the specifications of the FIA for approval in different championships.

Alongside this we are gasoline engine with electrical assembly composed of two single blocks, positioned on both rear wheels and delivering 60 hp each, using a super capacitor, located under the rear seat, to store energy served these blocks.

Besides these two blocks we find a third electric motor, also 60 horses, which is situated between the engine and 6-speed sequential transmission. This motor acts as a generator feeding the deceleration phase in the condenser and providing during the acceleration phase of the power to the other two electric motors acting as a traction control.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R has two selectable driving modes from the steering wheel: Road and Track. The first thought for the day to day, reduces engine power to seek greater efficiency. The compression ratio of the engine is reduced and adjusts the engine map, being able to move in all-electric mode for short periods (Toyota speak parking operations).

In Track mode, it unleashes the full potential of hybrid set. 300 horses and 420 Nm of combustion engine and 120 horse power for 5 seconds by the electrical system, while at low speeds, such as cornering, the electrical system again make an appearance to act as a control system traction power delivery dividing independently in each of the rear wheels.

This is a conceptual model too radical to think of this car driving around the streets of any city. Although Toyota raises as well might. Outwardly not denote an extreme conceptuality, in fact, it could go completely by a production model. Nissan production being surprised, albeit very limited, the Nissan Juke-R …

But beyond ourselves a very hypothetical arrival to the streets of this model, we must look at its powertrain, first in the GTI philosophy of creating a hybrid, combining a block of gasoline and an electrical system to create a model sports. There had been talk of a hybrid Toyota GT 86. It is said that the successor to the Toyota Supra will be hybrid … this concept merely reaffirm the idea that a hybrid system and a sports … will we see a system like display in the new Toyota Supra?

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