Toyota wants a sporty sub-brand

Toyota_Yaris_Hybrid-R_1280_DM_26Toyota has served an abundant serving of sportsmanship in Frankfurt. Neither more nor less than a Toyota Yaris led to 420 horses under the name of Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R. But the news about Toyota and the sporty side of the Japanese firm have not been there. Toyota wants its own sub-brand sport. Your Abarth, its Nismo.

As we await the arrival of the Toyota Supra successor, a model that could be presented and conceptually in the next Hall of Tokyo, in late November, while an alleged expect more performance version of the Toyota GT 86, Karl Schlicht, vice president of Toyota Europe revealed this intention on the part of the Japanese firm to have its own line of sports models.

According to Schlicht had informed during the Frankfurt Motor Show Auto Express Toyota would have its own brand of sports models in two years and may use the initials of TMG, Toyota Motorsport GmbH to call this division.

Toyota_GT86_5_700x467Of course being the Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R present in Frankfurt the idea of hybridization for sporty models in this sub-brand is more than present. All rumors have mentioned the return of the Toyota Supra have done mentioning their possible hybridization while the idea of a hybrid Toyota GT 86 returns to be strong.

With Nismo becoming strong in Europe makes sense to want to deal with the threat of Nissan with another sub-brand, which certainly TRD, Toyota Racing Development, also might have something to say about it, following the footsteps of Nissan and Nismo, to establish itself as the sport line models for Europe.

FT-HS_01Besides the idea of ​​a sub sport in Toyota have talked about the hybrid version of the Toyota GT 86, something that has already been mentioned in countless rumors. Koei Saga, responsible “senior” engineering, Autocar have declared that the development of hybrid Toyota GT 86 is well under way but has not revealed more details of their configuration is it “type Kers”? Give the GT 86 the possibility of AWD have?

Toyota_GT86_25His arrival in the streets have not yet received the green light, as neither has cabrio version.

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