Toyota Prius + 2015

toyota-prius_1The Japanese company revving and presents his renewed Toyota Prius +, a new hybrid version of its well-known 7-seater MPV with a more modern aesthetic design changes and new technological equipment.

Changes in design

Undoubtedly the biggest change or renewal of Toyota Prius + is in the design and aesthetics, quickly obvious changes and improvements. We can start from the front, where we noticed a new grille and new LED, very similar to the utility of Toyota, the Aygo and Yaris headlights.

It has added a trapezoidal grille at the front, glossy black color that completely changes the part of the bumper, giving it a more three-dimensional silhouette. The bumper was improved and enrollment is highlighted, not forgetting that the bumpers have also been changed for good design.

New decorative details

Toyota Prius + is a family car, 7 seater but is no longer a modern and in line with the new car design trends. That’s why this time has not been spared ornaments, decorative details we see several dark silver color on the doors, handles and wings; also highlight completely chrome grilles ventilation.

New technological equipment

As is the trend, new technology could not be absent. The Toyota Prius + features a modern 6.1-inch touchscreen equipped with the “2 Toyota Touch & Go” system, in which you can see the progress in real-time traffic, and the “PLUS” version to get to see the 3D city, you are reading includes spoken text messages.

The instrument panel has also undergone changes and improvements, whether in visibility and ergonomics, it has included an informative color TFT screen of 4.2 inches, which can be operated from the steering wheel.

Seats (7) have a new power regulation system. You have included cameras (front and back) for intelligent parking system, which includes ultrasonic sensors at the ends of the bumper.

The new Toyota Prius + will be released in the month of January 2015 and can be obtained from 27,200 euros in its ECO, 29.200 version in Advance version and 33,700 euros in the Executive version.

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