Toyota Hilux Invincible, an elegant touch to the pick-up indestructible

toyota-hilux-invincible-p1When we think of the Toyota Hilux, many immediately associate this name with the durability, reliability and endurance under extreme conditions which boasts this model. Surely many still have in mind the chapter of Top Gear in which the BBC guys trying to destroy a unit Hilux various ways, including fire, without success. The Japanese firm is aware of the reputation it has and so have decided to create a special edition playing with the invincibility of the Toyota Hilux.

This edition has been dubbed Toyota Hilux Invincible. Although his name invites us to think they have created a variant intended to be battered to exhaustion, the fact is that this is an issue that seeks to tap more subtle and elegant lines. Outside you can see details like 17-inch wheels, chrome roof bars, foot pegs, bars cargo area and even details such as mirrors or headlight housings.

The Hilux Invincible is available with double cab body styles or extra cab, and the ends tied to Active or Sport trim. In any variant, the equipment is enhanced with a series of elements characteristic of a passenger in a vehicle to work. Thus, the Hilux Invincible includes center armrest, black fabric upholstery and leather handbrake. In option even offers leather upholstery.

toyota-hilux-invincible-p2The Toyota Hilux Invincible will be marketed in the coming weeks on the European market. We can choose both the 2.5 turbo diesel engine 144 hp as the 3.0 turbo diesel 171 hp. Depending on the different markets, the variants may have manual gearbox or automatic, and in the case of the 144 hp engine will also be available in front-wheel drive version. We do not know with which settings will be sold in Spain nor the price they will.



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