Toyota GT 86 TRD, a step forward

During the Goodwood Festival will be in the UK for the first time a special series of which they say will benefit 86 units, we refer to Toyota GT 86 TRD, tuning brand but the good. It will be the first time in that country TRD sells an improved model of the Toyota range.

This version could cost an estimated 40,000 pounds, nearly 50,000 euros to change. The update consists of Dunlop Sport Maxx 225/40 R18, more powerful brakes, 18-inch wheels, body kit and a new four-pipe exhaust! The GT 86 earns about 10 horses, with no engine modifications.

Besides the exhaust air filter has a least restrictive one another specification oil. The rear diffuser is painted in body color, not easily confused with a conventional 86 GT. Inside, in addition to the logos of TRD, we found a short little lever changes.

During the presentation of GT 86 in Barcelona, the engineers told us that:

  • standard tires (215/45 R17) took the Prius to make it fun, but with other tires would be even better
  • the shifter was not shorter to make it more easy to drive, so the TRD require a little more skill
  • Standard brakes are more than sufficient, and these, which are much more expensive, probably left over
  • and that such things could happen: updates and enhancements

It’s not as spicy as the GRMN Sports Concept FR 320 hp that will also display at Goodwood, but we were so positive. The brand is thinking about offering more sportiness to whom the model number seems low, and this is only the beginning.

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