Toyota GT-86 a more streamlined and aggressive for Australia


Although Subaru and Toyota are still reluctant to recognize that in fact an offer is coming more or less extensive upgrades, customizations and sports kits, besides the occasional power kit for the engine, it is clear that the basis of the Toyota GT 86 is good enough to bet on it. At the moment we saw the first images of the first officia Toyota GT 86l aero kit in Australia.

The Toyota GT-86 Aero Kit has been adorned with a huge and disproportionate wing, worthy of a sports car racing, aggressive defenses with a striking radiator grille on the front and a body lowered to plow the asphalt almost storey . The aesthetic improvement that this kit is obvious, beyond the certainty of this statement this update of the bodywork aims to improve the grip and cornering stability without sacrificing the coefficient of friction, which is fairly standard and favorable to the Toyota GT 86 and his twin brothers.

toyota-gt-86-aero-kit-australiaThe wind tunnel has allowed us to develop a body kit to improve air flow in the channels of the grille, lower and lateral line and the rear diffuser. In recent weeks we have seen some of the improvements Toyota has raised official for the GT 86, which usually pass through equipment, finished body, sports suspension, tires with different designs and body adhesives. We’ve even had a chance to see a unit prepared by Gazoo Racing turbo-compressor to meet the not inconsiderable figure of 320 hp.

It is open season of tuning, official and unofficial, that know both Subaru and Toyota. It is therefore logical to try to expand its catalog to channel, to the extent possible, the search for customizations and exclusive pieces and sports for their customers. Ultimately everything is at home, do not you think?

While waiting for more news in Europe, the best we can do is read the recent test of the Toyota GT 86 of my fellow Oscar and not to forget either the BRZ Mario Subaru test.

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