The Toyota Corolla production exceeds 40 million units

familia-corollThe Toyota Corolla is the best selling car in automotive history. Neither the Ford T or the Volkswagen Beetle have overshadowed this selling of Japanese origin. Many rate the Corolla as a transportation appliance, and may not be misguided. But that is not a passionate car does not mean that is not a good car, reliable, comfortable, practical and relatively affordable price. Besides a unique success formula in automotive history.

The formula seems to have worked perfectly: it takes almost 50 years in production and has just launched its eleventh generation. During the month of July exceeded 40 million units produced since the launch of the model, in the distant 1966. This production milestone is even more impressive when you consider that in 1997 – when the Toyota Corolla became the best selling vehicle in history – the cumulative sales were only 22.65 million units.

The mathematics are simple: one million units per year on average, more than one million a year since 2002 according to data supplied by Toyota. During the past year 2012, it sold 1.16 million Toyota Corolla in 150 countries world wide and long. We talk about 3180 cars per day or if you prefer, 2 cars per minute. We can say the Corolla is Toyota dairy cow without fear of error, and a completely globalized.

toyota-corolla-2014-p1Slight adjustments are made for each market – among other things, approval requirements – but the development of a common platform and corresponding engine is amortized with interest. One in five is sold by Toyota Corolla and if we had to choose the most common vehicle on the globe would be a white Corolla. It seems that the success of this sedan will abate, although in Europe it is not going to enjoy the moment.

The current generation was introduced a few months ago and is manufactured in 13 different factories, designed to meet different geographic regions of the globe. Its design is modern and is clearly inspired by the Toyota Furia Concept, presented for months. The new generation is bigger than ever – 4.64 meters long – and initially offered with 1.8-liter gasoline engines up to 140 hp, associated with a choice of manual gearboxes and automatic.

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