Toyota Camette, because driving is child’s play

Driving for is child’s play? At least Toyota firmly believe in the possibility of converting this action as everyday adult life in a practical exercise fun for the whole family. This thought of the idea of a detachable and adjustable vehicle, if I leave, the closest thing to a life-size Lego we’ve seen in a while. Obviously the only way to achieve its mission passed through a prototype that could never get approved as a motor vehicle.

The prototype of Toyota Camette be presented at the Tokyo Toy Show in two “flavors” called Sora and Daichi, a more relaxed and child and the other looking camper. The essence of the vehicle is in a range of easily removable panels that allow us to play with the design and appearance of this unusual car, for example, transform our Camette within minutes of a boring and austere Sora to Daichi to a good could have left the fictional world of film animation.

But above all let us not forget that this is a toy that is why all the controls were designed in an intuitive and very colorful to ensure the care of his very young driver.

toyota-cametteThe interior of the Toyota Camette was designed with a triangular structure (of 1 +2 seats), the McLaren F1 style. The most important difference with this super missed is that in this case the idea of a center conductor and two companions at the back and sides are designed for the vehicle being driven by a child, which is holding all the power gives a steering wheel and pedals, and their parents could attend the braking and steering wheel to avoid unnecessary risks.

Do not know what will seem to you, but honestly I think a sublime idea for small to learn to drive at an early age. Obviously something could not be licensed to drive on public roads, but if we allow our children to have small-scale cars or mini-quads, why not a vehicle of truth in that they can also acquire a habit that will practice grow up?

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