Toyota Auris 2013, caught without any camouflage live in hybrid version

Thanks to Coach filtration we have the first images without camouflage what is the new Toyota Auris. Is the effective replacement of the current generation of the Toyota Auris, which already shows it’s age, despite the restyling received in late 2010. I must say that I was never a big fan of the current Toyota Auris, and luckily the next generation appliance that air loses and acquires a more passionate and sharp, in line with models like the Yaris.

My partner showed us some pictures of the new Auris from a Japanese magazine, but now we see the live model and hybrid version. The front looks angular, with sharp optics and a narrow grille, an air that shows the Japanese of the compact, but will be manufactured in the UK. The side profile reveals a sharp again, with a high waist and muscular. The rear has extensive optical and truffled of stylish angled bumper.

It must be said that the car gains enough in real pictures, but his back is reminding me quite a few of the latest offerings from Hyundai, such as the Elantra. The hybrid drive could have differences in the grille and optics, with a look that responds to a more careful aerodynamics. Hybrid Synergy Drive version will have the chassis of the Prius, which earns a combined output of 136 hp and probably will lower consumption of 3.8 l/100 km today.

On the front of gasoline will have some capacity and low air consumption and then some diesel to about 150 hp with a consumption set. The interior looks elegant and well finished, with an expected good amount of space. The Toyota Auris could position itself as an interesting option in its class, to fight against the big established and rivals like the Honda Civic.

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