Tip-heeled for Porsche 911 auto manuals with Sport Chrono Pack

What is the tip-heeled? This is a move that runs with the brake and accelerator of a car with manual transmission in sporty driving. While braking and downshifts given a heel to the accelerator for the clutch can not hold us back and out of that curve as quickly as possible, without interference dynamics. So far, only the Nissan 370Z was an automatic spike-heeled, overlooking a small sprint automatic to downshift.

The SynchroRev Control worked great, and the truth is that it seemed strange that no other car I implementase. Today it is difficult to innovate in manual gearboxes. Porsche has done with its seven relations manual, which you can now attach an identical system if the option is mounted Sport Chrono Pack. The system works automatically in Sport Plus mode, in Sport and Normal modes have to do it manually … if you know.

This is an important development in the 911 range and has come to light with the addition of the Carrera 4 models of a few days ago. While deleting some grace of spike-heeled look that perfect, is certainly a system that helps us make driving even more quickly and accurately. This interesting option soon be extended to models like the Porsche Boxster and Cayman next, to be unveiled sooner rather than later.

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