These are the plans for 2013 Volkswagen in America: Beetle convertible comes Hybrid and Jetta

Volkswagen has presented his plans for next year, the list of the models marketed in the U.S. during 2013, in some cases apply to this side of the Atlantic and between the new models that we are there we will see diesel representation of the hand the Jetta and new Beetle.

But besides the gradual progress of diesel in the U.S., of course, to levels still minority, but more and more remarkable, Volkswagen has confirmed the arrival of the new Beetle cabriolet with bodywork made that we should share with the Americans and also find here the Volkswagen Beetle cabrio next year.

Registering a rise in North America of 35.4% of total sales in the first six months of 2012, Volkswagen expects to continue with the flip of 2012 in 2013 with a range in terms of models, and mechanical variations which do have more choice has nothing to envy of Europe.

Special importance to the Beetle, confirming the arrival of the Beetle convertible, but also TDI version in August with a 140 hp 2.0 TDI. In autumn 2012, will also Fender version, which I already talked about earlier and which includes among new details of interior finish, a new music system signed by Fender.

The CC, recently renovated and it went on sale in the U.S. in March with a 2.0 TSI 200 hp and 280 hp VR6 receive the finished R-Line, while the Eos, also be enhanced with its most sporty finish Sport as well as incorporating new LED optics and details like the rear camera.

Golf Range and the GTI and R are little changed, with new details for the interior (armrests, new leather items …) by adding the GTI a new 18-inch wheels.

But besides the importance of the new Beetle with the addition of diesel mechanics and the arrival of the convertible version, the Jetta, which in America is the best selling model in the Volkswagen range, the range receives new diesel equipment details as seats with electronic adjustment or center armrest but also a mechanical hybrid will arrive in late 2012 as well as slight changes in the Jetta SportWagen.

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