The successor to the BMW M1 will arrive in 2016

BMW is looking for a sport to succeed the legendary M1 is something we are rumors pointing at short intervals. A successor to stop, among the wide range of sedans, a new sport to represent the spirit of the department of M raised to the exponent. Some rumors have even been challenged in some other time by BMW but now, come back.

Auto Bild, in its German edition, again takes this idea and goes a step further putting his possible arrival date. According to the publication Germanic, we could again see the new M1 in 2016 and in passing leaves us with some speculations about the data that come in new sporty M.

Beginning this June we have a long list of names recorded by BMW. A list that left us with a number of new models M, of which we were to M7 and M10 may well be the latter referring to the successor to the M1.

Auto Bild also dare with some of the potential of this new M1 data ascribing a body of aluminum, titanium, magnesium and plastic to keep weight at about 1,250 kg and with this addition would enjoy a light weight V8 engine that would leave us with a capacity of between 600 and 650 horses.

They even go a step further and dare to predict a price, we would leave this successor to the M1 to the height, even above, the sports car like the Ferrari 458 and McLaren MP4-12C, priced at about 250,000 euros. We have to wait to see if official statement in the coming years, but it would be nice to meet again with an M1 in the range of BMW.

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