The range of Opel Adam could grow into new areas

It appears that they want the Opel Adam grow. Just been introduced, only a couple of weeks which is between us and the rumors have been focused on targeting new details about the future of Opel commercial vehicle. According to Autocar says, could meet with new models derived from Adam, or at least sharing family or traits, thus following in the footsteps of Fiat with the 500 (cabrio, 500L, sporting Abarth versions) and Mini (Countryman, Roadster and coupe, Clubman …).

Some rumors that come after Duncan Aldred, director of Vauxhall, would understand that he was mulling over the possibilities and potential of the Adam. This course relies on the Adam Opel, but will we see a range derived from this new German supermini?

Course is a line taken by your biggest rivals, except for DS3 than we could know in the not too distant convertible version. Recently knew the family version of the 500, with the 500L and in the case of Mini is a fact that has been taken to the extreme in a range that goes from two-seater sports and recreational versions to a Mini-terrain vehicles and the names Why Countryman then why not consider a family Adam?

At the moment the Adam Opel was presented with three lines that define your character in terms of finish and equipment. Thus we find the Adam Opel Jam, focused for Opel defined as “fashionable”, the Slam, sleeker version of Adam and Glam, the sportiest, all of them, counting for the time mechanical ranging from 70 to 100 hp on gasoline.

We will wait to see if the rumors are true and we find, for example, with a small SUV derived from Adam (: an Anti-Juke?), A sporty version with OPC stands and a good dose of horses, an electric or Adam hybrid or who knows, a convertible or minivan Adam.

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