The range of Lamborghini Gallardo successor will be simpler: there will be fewer versions and special editions

Lamborghini may be preparing an edition for the Gallardo farewell. A grand finale to close the saga of this bull and start the process of arrival of a new sport, a new Lamborghini. Gallardo’s successor seems to be on track as the harvest Aventador hits, and there are 1,000 units sold, and before leaving could leave us with one last special edition.

A farewell edition will be the last step before commercial Gallardo allegedly, according to Car & Driver, in late 2013 or early 2014 will see a new generation to cope with the Ferrari 458 Italia and the McLaren MP4-12C. A final special edition that will usher in a curiously new sports will not find in many variants and special editions.

How many versions of the Lamborghini Gallardo’s? Perhaps you remember all cost. It is logical. The current range of Lamborghini Gallardo is composed of 6 different … 6 variants among which we find the LP 570-4 Superleggera, LP 560-4, the 440-2, the 570-4 Spyder Performance, 560-4 Spyder and 550-2 Spyder. Not to mention special editions like the Lamborghini Valentino Galalrdo Babolni. Well, the next Lamborghini sports will not have such a wide range.

So what Car & Driver account after talking to Michael Lock of Lamborghini America, noting also the arrival of a special edition farewell before the arrival of the new sport in a few years, to a simplification of the model range in which we would still probably find a version of AWD and RWD another, also convertible, but perhaps the latter only at rear. Less variants and special editions like the present to avoid confusing the customer.

The successor to the Gallardo also be automatic with double clutch box. Lamborghini does not sell models with manual transmission and therefore has decided to end his bid for the next generation.

In late 2013 or more likely early 2014, we meet this new Lamborghini at the moment we know that will be automatic and will offer a narrower range than the current bull. It will be easier to remember the full range of the Gallardo and the client will have less hesitation to buy a Lamborghini.



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