The new Seat Leon shows her back

Next to the Seat Ibiza, Seat Leon is undoubtedly the main banner of the Spanish brand, both image and sales. The second generation of compact enough lengthened commercial life (with a restyle in between), since it was launched in 2005. But the time has come for his replacement. Sharing the new MQB modular platform with its cousins the Audi A3 2012 and also next Volkswagen Golf VII, the third generation Seat Leon will be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show 2012 in late September.

Of course, this does not mean that we will not know before. His presentation is about and are starting to appear on the Net the first leaked images of the model. For example, here we show here, which has the honor of being the first actual photograph of the model, beyond a computer recreations and speculation. Despite its low sharpness, and we can go making us an idea of what the new Seat Leon at the back.

The header image, filtered forum Club Seat Leon, we glimpse what appears to be a sports version of the Seat Leon 2013, probably FR finish. This means that the Spanish brand will offer commercial launch from the same model, or very soon after, sporting finishes the Lion. His lines, as well as taillights or even the bumpers, they still remind us of the Seat Ibiza in its most general features. In addition to the five-door version, in this generation model released for the first time a body sportier three-door.

The twin exhaust and the bumper sports, not available in standard finishes basic, but otherwise the changes will be minimal. Different Concept SEAT IBE should have appeared so far fairly faithful prefigure the basic features of the new Seat Leon, so you know where the shots go.

Most likely will be a matter of days Seat unveils officially the first official details and images of its new Leon, so do not despistéis too.

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