The new Renault Clio is filtered again: Now from all angles

The new Renault Clio is already among us. After filtration of yesterday with a picture in which we could already see quite well how it would be the new Clio, today, to the diamond they have anticipated and has a  filtered gallery broader picture we are left with the new utility of diamond viewed from all angles, including the first image of your interior or your behind.

After the weekend Goodwood Festival, where we could see the next Clio RS, yes, still disguised, and with the imminent presentation, there has been the trend that we have become accustomed: the appearance before the presentation of the official. So enjoy this breakthrough that allows us to know and the exterior and interior of the fourth generation of the Clio before the arrival of the official data.

A design that as we saw yesterday with the first preview takes a good number of curves, especially in your profile, where the wheel in conjunction with a molding on its side creates a nice, and with some muscle, lateral. Another of the special features of this new Clio are undoubtedly its optics, if the first picture looked great yesterday, now reiterates also showing a pair of wheel arches inside. Linking these two optical front grille, another key element in its design, with a diamond also of considerable dimensions.

His back, until now a party of the new Clio we had not seen, receives an elongated pilots very well integrated with the nerves of the wheel arches, meeting also with another chrome strip that accompanies this in the context of windows and the bottom of the profile. As to his cabin we are again with a trend that we have seen for example in the new Peugeot 208, minimalism, focusing all attention on a central console and a clean design which highlights the screen.

The official presentation is a matter of hours, but meanwhile, enjoy and design of the new Renault Clio, a design that I personally find quite dynamic, beautiful, especially if you look at your side with the lower trim and wheel arches.

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