The new Opel Astra OPC challenges the Renault Megane RS to an acceleration test

The compact segment is one of the more even the market. And if we take specifically to sports and radical versions of the model, this trend is repeated. What is the best sport compact market? Well it is certainly a very difficult question and probably no absolute answer, it depends on what aspects place priorities and in any case, most of them are at a level unthinkable just a few years, since differences in any aspect often hue.

Although this type of vehicle performance are a very important aspect, one can not say it’s the only one to consider. One of the latest arrivals is the Opel Astra OPC, which with a specially tuned chassis, engine and 280 bhp 2.0 Turbo or a very attractive aesthetics it difficult to want to put one of the coconuts in the category, the Renault Megane RS . In Britain the EVO Magazine have faced in a closed course to test acceleration, and the results are surprising … relatively

Perhaps you can take in more members missing from this category nourished, but not always the issue of cost and logistics may make a comparison or proof of this style with many models. In any case, the Renault Megane RS has been, since its launch, one of the undisputed reference category. Most European media have agreed that one of the best compact in terms of dynamic behavior, and circling few can argue its supremacy. And that despite a specially designed chassis not in geometry, but impeccably tuned by Renault Sport.

In the final analysis, features and dynamic behavior they are two of the most important factors for those looking for a car like that. Not everything is accelerating in a straight line, but this was the test that have been conducted in EVO Magazine to face the newcomer Opel Astra OPC (Vauxhall Astra VXR in the British market) with the Renault Megane Sport RS with 265 hp its current configuration. Despite its 15 hp less, perhaps the weight and traction can help the Renault Megane RS is achieved as quickly boost in pure acceleration, even with quite small differences. The results, below.

Renault Megane RS

  • Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 km / h) -> 6.06 seconds
  • Acceleration 0-400 meters from a standing-> 14.38 seconds (reaching 163.2 km / h)
  • Acceleration 0-1000 meters from a standing-> 26.05 seconds (reaching 207.3 km / h)

Opel Astra OPC

  • Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 km / h) -> 6.25 seconds
  • Acceleration 0-400 meters from a standing-> 14.75 seconds (reaching 153.6 km / h)
  • Acceleration 0-1000 meters from a standing-> 26.89 seconds (reaching 198.4 km / h)

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