The new Ford Mondeo is coming mid 2013 with rear inflatable belts

Although its launch in Spain is not expected until mid 2013, we face is foreign. He already knew the Ford Fusion recently to hit U.S. dealerships in the fall and is essentially the European Ford Mondeo for the first time we have an image, the same that illustrates this article. And this is one of the cornerstones of the new global Ford strategy by which they have tried to standardize the range so that the models sold across the Atlantic are exactly, or practically the same as in Europe.

The new Ford Mondeo will come backed by a new generation of highly efficient gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters, called EcoBoost, and a new iteration of the TDCi diesel ofertaban so far in Europe. We should not rule out either the release of the 1.0 EcoBoost engine 125 hp three-cylinder, which despite its modest design would not look out for anything in this large saloon when you consider the success it is having on smaller models like the Ford Focus. But to follow the American line, the most important development would be the launch of a hybrid and maybe a plug-in hybrid.

The new Ford Mondeo will debut in Europe inflatable seat belt
At the moment we do not have too many details about the Ford Mondeo, beyond the fact that this is the premiere model of the latest security technologies Blue Oval. This is the inflatable rear seat belt, air bag with a pyrotechnic that is activated in the event of an accident to spread the force supported on a body surface area five times higher than usual. This is to reduce damages in the chest and head injuries, neck and chest, the rear seat passengers, especially as protection for children (that do not require special seat adapted) and seniors.

Apparently physical differences between a normal one inflatable belt only go for a better padding is also more user friendly. Unlike a traditional airbag, these belts do not generate heat, since only swell in 40 milliseconds with a cold compressed gas.

By the way, as we reflected on the analysis of the inflatable belt operation Tecmovia belt airbag is to reduce the “gap” between the belt and your body in a crash to avoid the brutal blow with this strip of resilient material attached three anchor points. That’s why even dispense with this security system is always essential to take off his coat comfortable in the car seat to avoid this dangerous gap that we can cause an upset in the event of an accident.

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