The Mercedes G-Class has been saved by China and Russia

A few years ago it was thought that the end of the Mercedes G-Class was near. Mercedes came to seriously raise the production end of an SUV that has been in production since the distant year 1979, with great multitude of changes at the motor and interior, but the same frame and wheel drive system. His skills are unquestionable, but it has gone from being a hard working vehicle to a luxury SUV for wealthy clients, usually outside Europe.

Demand for the Mercedes G-Class has increased by as much as 50% in the last three years, and in the words of Axel Harries – chief of the division of Mercedes SUV – markets are China and Russia which have spurred a demand which is now at 6,600 units. The consumer profile is that of a wealthy client who needs to tow heavy trailers (up to 3.5 tons in the G 350 CDI) – in a minority – and those who want to show off their wealth.

After the facelift received by the Mercedes G-Class, with a much higher quality interior and LED lights, among other amenities, a car is more attractive. To make matters worse, now the Mercedes G-Class has a very powerful G 65 AMG version equipped with a 5.5 V12 biturbo engine with 612 hp and a swanky interior, full of luxuries. For consumers in those countries – power-hungry and eager to show their wealth (it is cultural) – a very attractive version.

The Mercedes G 65 AMG is the most expensive Mercedes on sale now – yes, it is more expensive than the SLS AMG – and one of the most expensive since version access: in the German market of € 85,311 and goes up to incredible € 264,180 of the most powerful AMG. At least we can say that the future of Mercedes G-Class – however veteran who is – is secured over the coming years, but less and less affordable for middle income individuals.

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