The Mazda MX-5 is updated in the fall

The legendary Japanese roadster, one of the most fun and exciting car market was just updated in his native Japan. It is being manufactured and we just know the details for the European version, to be sold in the fall. The engines have not changed anything.

Visually, the Mazda MX-5 has improved, while more aerodynamic, mainly by the new bumper, which incidentally, is friendlier to pedestrians. Such protection is complemented by an active bonnet, which, unfortunately, ran our boat when a pedestrian, rises only to reduce the consequences.

You can still choose hardtop or soft top, both folding. Dolphin Grey color has been replaced by the Metropolitan Grey. Inside, some inserts and steering wheel have a more distinguished touch to improve the perceived quality.

The most interesting are dynamic level. Is improved (even more) human-machine interaction, the brake and accelerator pedals are now more accurate with a new control strategy and changes in the brake booster.

According to Mazda, these changes make it more controllable under braking, the acceleration after braking smoother, and ultimately the driver has more control. This car is like to do it naturally, no prophylactic striatum to forward more (speaking of modern cars), everything is amplified.

Mazda’s statement says nothing more, so I probably know more in the Paris Salon and verily, in Moscow, where we also see a preview of next-generation Mazda6. Too bad you have not got the engine turbo 2.0, ability, we know that if they can.

Seek the seven differences
By popular demand, I include a picture of the current model, the third generation:

Clearly, the changes are very discreet. To see more fat it will take to the fourth generation, that it will develop with Alfa Romeo and is likely to be quite lighter as Edmunds.

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