The Lexus LFA awaits a surprise to the August 1, will the issue of farewell?

Lexus continues to play the dismissal. While everyone expected a special farewell edition as a swan song of the Lexus LFA, actively or passively declined mark the slightest possibility of what seemed to us the possibility of an even more radical LFA and advanced. But now I need a week to know what it is, they surprise us with a new breakthrough in video that situate us for next August 1st to see what could be this long awaited special edition or at least a surprise move Concerning the Nippon supercar.

At the moment we can not confirm that this has anything to do with the Lexus LFA dressed as radical and circuit improvements that we saw recently at the Nurburgring. All we know is that Lexus has defined it as an opportunity to those who have only once in life and the only certainty right now is totally unknown to what can be treated.

Recall that in just two years of marketing the 500 units that had planned to Lexus after its final submission in the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show have almost exhausted but still has officially announced a replacement or a little predictable increase in production initially projected.

The only hope left was that of this edition limited print run along the base of the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition, of which only 50 units manufactured, provides the finishing touch of the famous sports during these years that Lexus has marketed priced at around € 380,000 with a 4.8-liter V10 engine and a whopping 560 hp.

To find out what this video preview’d better wait a week.

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