The Hot Wheels corkscrew in real life and in video

Who has not played with Hot Wheels toys as a kid? I remember one of my favorite stunts was the “corkscrew”, a corkscrew in the air, the result of a bad jump purposely stilted. What if we tried to try in real life? Many have tried, but I really needed a car good and proper calculations if we want everything to end in disaster.

If we try it with any utility destrocemos the car and possibly suffer a spectacular crash. In a brilliant marketing maneuver guys have recreated Hot Wheels toys maneuver a buggy as real. They say the only difference between a boy and a man is the size of their toys. That maximum is most true here.

With Brent Fletcher driving in a desert airfield, built special ramps to make the jump. The huge buggy accelerated towards the obstacle and immediately begins to spin in the air. The record jump was because the distance covered has been of no less than 30.6 meters. The landing has been too soft, but luckily it has not resulted in an accident.

The car’s suspension has seamlessly absorbed the impact, is designed to withstand huge leaps over the most difficult terrain. The result is a spectacular acrobatics that we think are worth you to know. If you feel like more, do not fail to take a look at the YouTube channel of Hot Wheels, where you can find this and more.

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