The functions of pump

Pumps are incredibly useful devices that most people take for granted because they are so common. They make the way various daily tasks are performed so much easier than they would be if we did not have them. There are several different types of pumps. Each one is specially designed to perform a certain task, such as mining pumps. Here are the different types of pumps.

1. Water pump

Humans use water in many different ways, making water pumps an invaluable tool for daily life. These are used for the pumping of water from a well. They can also be used to draw water into a business or home so it can be easily accessed by the occupants. It is common for water pumps to be used in conjunction with pressure tanks.

2. Vacuum pump

These pumps are used for the venting of gas from a container that is sealed. A partial vacuum is left behind after this process is performed. This can be done by using the methods of entrapment, momentum transfer or positive displacement.

3. Sump pumps

People who live in areas where flooding happens regularly are definitely familiar with sump pumps. These are designed to remove a large amount of water that has collected in an area. This is usually a basement or some other area where flooding could possibly occur inside of a building. A submersible sump pump is mounted completely beneath the water. A pedestal sump pump has a motor that resides above the water. Both are equally effective.

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