The first SRT Viper 2013, auctioned for $ 300,000

Last April was presented by surprise appeared the SRT Viper, a model that was highly anticipated after his older generation disappeared from the market in 2010. Adjustments Chrysler Group raised concerns about the future of the iconic model of the U.S. group, but eventually came into the fifth installment of the model that has come with one notable technological renovation and change of name included, since no longer sold under the Dodge Viper SRT to be sold as.

Although the essence of the car remains the same as before, with a bestial V10 engine of 640 hp 8.4 and a more affordable price than other comparable supercar power and performance, wanted to give the car a slightly different I had so far towards promoting its exclusivity. The first step was to auction the first unit of series made at an event organized by the auction house Barrett-Jackson in the exclusive angelina Orange County (California, USA).

The video above shows how the first unit, which is obviously VIN number 1. Painted in the stunning red color and showed the press photographs, it is clear that the aesthetic evolution presents the model, with a few lines that keep the brutality but in turn are softer, with some Italian influence. We also found a much more muscular rear and modern, thanks to some very striking pilots. The ensemble is rounded to the huge tires and the brutal V10 engine sound.

The final figure recorded in the auction totaled $ 300,000 (240,000 euros), an amount well above the approximately $ 100,000 (about 80,000 euros) that is expected to sell the basic version of the car. The amount of money gained from the auction will be delivered in full to the Austin Hatcher Foundation, dedicated to fighting childhood cancer. Moreover, as the final figure exceeded $ 250,000, the auction winner has also managed a conference prepared by SRT circuit.

This auction is kick off the Viper SRT 2013, whose prices will be confirmed shortly by Chrysler LLC in the U.S.. In the first months of life, the car will be sold exclusively in the U.S. although it is more likely that its reach extends to more markets as it satisfies the initial demand will surely have the car at the North American country.

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