The Ferrari F70 can be seen again, this time showing us the front

While playing a turbo between the mechanical potential of some of the future models of Cavallino and rumors are that we will meet next year with the successor to the Ferrari California, another spiritual heir, is showing new perspectives, the Ferrari F70, as called despite having no official name yet, Ferrari is set to become the king of the mark, at least until you get another heir to the throne he snatches the job.

Less than a week the Ferrari F70 was sighted again, but this time wearing a camouflage layer significantly below and above all, using what appears to be the final body and not a mule. Then I complained that we had only seen pictures of the model from a side view and back, now, I can also see from the front lines of teaching us the face of the next supercar.

Now we can distinguish new elements of what apparently looks like the front end design of this new Ferrari. It only requires some imagination and mentally erase the additions that make the front opening, that big mouth, grow to sub-optimal proportions for the design and mentally remove the plate that is on the hood to replace it with a more worked.

Highlights on this front as well as the lower opening does not seem definitive dimensions, but maybe their design, curved front wheel arches, very marked, and the exterior design of the space devoted to the cabin. Overall I also prefer the loss of height of the rear wheel arches, so present in today’s Ferrari, in Italy at the head 458, also in California and the Ferrari F12.

We found a nearly straight line running from the fall of the front wheel arches to the end of F70, an important detail that maybe, who knows, let’s see in future models of the brand, as rumored successor to the California .

On the drive we have already spoken lines and more lines, a V12 that uses a KERS system to leave us with a figure of power that would surpass the 900 horses, perhaps about 930 horses. We’ll see if we can get to know before the end of the year, we will continue pending the spy photos as they arise.

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