The BMW 7 Series will get a diesel engine in the U.S.

In the U.S., BMW sells its flagship BMW 7 Series, with three petrol engines (740i, 750i and 760i), all combined with long wheelbase body. It also offers the opportunity to acquire this sedan in hybrid version (BMW 750i ActiveHybrid).

However diesel engines had been, for the moment, off the lot, and so far rightly so. However, it appears that the brand is considering seriously the possibility of introducing a new engine in the range, it would be a three-liter diesel six-cylinder, a power still to be determined.

However, as many will be thinking, TwinPower Turbo diesel engine with three turbos and direct injection common rail mounted 381 hp BMW M550d Europe has many ballots to be elected to represent the diesel engines in America.

In fact there is even talk that BMW itself M550d could end coming. The major obstacle that you can find these two models to end up getting this engine should, however, more a reason for environmental regulation (especially trying for diesel in the U.S.) than to a lack of real demand. As I say, for the moment nothing is confirmed, so we will keep you informed.

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