The Aston Martin Virage lived hard and die young to give way to the new Aston Martin DB9

We have always wondered if indeed it was necessary to launch the Aston Martin Virage, a Gran Turismo that was positioned virtually “no man’s land” between the Aston Martin DB9 and Aston Martin Vanquish newly introduced, more technologically advanced and sporty than the first , but without the latter’s radical successor to the DBS.

But as is rumored these days it seems that finally, after a short but intense life, the Aston Martin Virage could say goodbye after only 18 months of production. Obviously, all the work that leads behind the Virage not have been in vain, as will be crucial in the development of the new Aston DB9 Coupe and Volante that, beyond the logical evolution of a generational shift like this could win integer scaling positions sportiness and technology to the almighty Aston Vanquish.

Aston DB9 a more powerful, sporty and technology take the place of the Virage
From my point of view if I ever had the good fortune to include in my decision to buy an Aston Martin would be just for luxury, elegance, but also the ability to deliver performance without sacrificing sportiness and comfort expected of a Grand Tourism. Consider that all these values are highly valued in the acquisition of an Aston Martin and probably the point at which the British and mark distances differ regarding brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini or no further than the new journey of McLaren Automotive.

I think therefore a very logical move that escalates DB9 Virage positions to replace, even though the latter has only been one and a half at dealerships. Besides the new Aston Martin DB9 VH IV premiere platform already saw in the One-77 and Vanquish, with the difference that in the case of the use DB9 carbon fiber will be much more content and discreet.

The last Aston Martin Virage have built more than 1,000 units and although not too relevant, by the way, only one of these units has been registered in our country.

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