The “amplified” Audi A1 its sportiness with the range amplified

If you want a truly sporty Audi A1 you just have to make with an Audi Quattro A1. But I know it’s not easy being one of the lucky 333 will be done with one of them, nor pay € 53,600 in a very sporty car that it continues to be a very limited utility for its size. Knowing this, Audi has decided to launch a sports edition, and unlimited, called amplified.

The new Audi A1 Audi A1 Sportback amplified and amplified available themed interior and exterior decoration in two colors Misano Red and Glacier White, associated with the Ambition line finishes and any engine fit. To emphasize sportsmanship has resorted to unique items and exclusive Audi Quattro GmbH and Audi Genuine Accessories. We can “amplify” the sportiness of our Audi A1 at three levels (basic, plus and advanced), depending on whether we pay € 1,990, € 3,990 and € 6,990 (depending on prices in Germany) in details that do not add much except an aesthetic . The third level is not available for engines below 120 hp.

Depending on what you invest can make our Audi A1 looks more or less resolution and sports, without reaching the end of the Quattro model.

We started the first one, the Audi A1 receives a decoration bicolor amplified for the pillars and beams supporting the ceiling, glossy black, and also to the S Line kit spoiler and coverage of the exterior mirrors. 17 “wheels with color inserts and black transverse stripes that extend across the hood, roof and tailgate thanks to an adhesive that allows the paint acquires a dull hue. In the interior are accented with color-keyed the team’s conditioning vents, seams sport seats and mats.

The second level, also called amplified Audi A1 plus, includes stainless steel pedals, new black inserts in the cabin and an LED interior lighting package that changes the hue of light when we activate the ignition. Outside aerodynamic kit from competition, LED lighting and a bright black diffuser at the rear with black exhaust breadsticks mate.

The third level, also called advance Audi A1 amplified, added to all this inside the S Line package, leather seats, tinted rear windows, xenon headlights and alloy wheels 18 “propeller design. The latter, as mentioned above, is only available for engines from the 120 hp.

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