The Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Auto Avio: more power and refinement

The preparer Auto Avio Costruzioni hides in its name a history of genuine pedigree. Auto Avio Construzioni was a company founded by Enzo Ferrari that finished what we now know as Ferrari. Fell into oblivion since the 50’s, when he stopped using his name. Auto Avio Construzioni is no more than a brand that the investor L. Miller has decided to become a coach of Italian vehicles like Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde you see on screen.

Auto Avio’s proposal is quite attractive. The body uses a two-tone scheme in which the bottom is a dark gray Alfa Romeo and whites is of Lamborghini. The original 19-inch wheels have been painted in an attractive glossy white. The color is termed “White Ballon”. Know if the coach has changed the interior, should, since it is a single copy which was sold to the highest bidder.

auto-avio-giulietta-p-1Under the hood all Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Verde are an explosive 1750 TBi engine with direct injection, a 1.8-liter turbo delivering about 235 hp maximum power. By reprogramming of the control electronics and an exhaust line nuvea the engine develops 270 hp and peak torque grows from 340 up to 385 Nm. The suspension is signed by KW, and is adjustable. The price of this unique piece is 40,000 €, which seems reasonable, just over € 30,000 price range.

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