TagAZ Aquila: this is the 4-door coupe Russian less than $ 10,000

Surely the car brand TagAZ do not sound too. TagAZ is a Russian company car assembly, Daewoo and Hyundai among them belonging to the holding Doninvest now, has decided to surprise us with a curious new model: the TagAZ Aquila. The Russian domestic market, despite the great importance acquired for European firms, like the Chinese, still showing some peculiarities frequently, and this model is another example of the Russian genius.

A model that combines design with lights coupe but with four doors and also comes with a philosophy of low cost, or at least, affordable price, equipping technology firms listed above and would be the equivalent in rubles less than 10,000 euros.

Tagaz-aquila-05A design that leaves us with a front, which in its character lowcost, makes certain nuances sports, such as optical nerves in the hood, the location of the fog and that leads to a side design that highlights the sharp drop the framework of the windows, with a clear design coupe, which is crowned by the muscle of the back wheel arch. His rear, follows with such airs coupe even though the body count on an extra couple of doors. The fall of the roof affects the aesthetics of your back finished with an edge as a bumper spoiler and a more modest.

Tagaz-aquila-02The interior, with black and red combination, it looks simple. The seats look bad and they seem upholstered in faux leather, but overall the look does not seem too elaborate a finish.

Tagaz-aquila-08Under the hood for now just know that there is a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder supercharged, but the company has not published until the date the power of this engine. Its price would be about 400,000 rubles, about 9,700 euros. A particular combination of this TagAZ Aquila between external aesthetics and philosophy of low cost.


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