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The MPS version of the Mazda 6 could be under consideration along with new variants

On the occasion of the Moscow Motor Show, which opened on the 29th, we introduced the new Mazda Mazda 6. The Hiroshima sedan is completely renewed. Aesthetics, mechanical, chassis … a major renovation that includes the addition of Skyactiv technology becoming the second model in Europe in porting this technology.

Following the debut of the new Mazda 6 rumors have resisted not start targeting new versions of this model. Auto Express, since the launch of the Mazda 6 in Moscow spoke with Hiroshi Kajiyama, program manager of the Mazda 6 and who pointed to a more performance variant.

Volkswagen Cross Caddy, the jacket becomes van

Volkswagen Cross Caddy

Volkswagen account today with a new member in your family “Cross”, composed of the Cross Polo, Cross Golf (based on the Golf Plus) and Cross Touran. We could even consider the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack as a member of this family, despite not having the title Cross. Anyway, the news is that from the beginning of next year we will purchase the new Volkswagen Caddy Cross. A more seasoned version looks and off-road passenger compact van.

The differences begin with a visual level protection for low and housing, as it is assumed that this can make excursions vehicle off-road. The skirts have additional protection bars and wheel arches are covered with dark plastic more impact resistant than painting naked. A badge with the inscription “Cross Caddy” and as flashy paint shades such as lime green (Viper Green) images put the final icing.

Volkswagen plans to relaunch the VR6 engines due to overfeeding

volkswagen-golf-vision-design-gti-01-1024x724Few will know no narrow V thrusters of Volkswagen, commonly known as VR engines. These individuals have served as engines Volkswagen over its history to mark milestones in production models as were the Volkswagen Corrado VR6 or Volkswagen Golf VR6 teaming up escalators. This design has had different configurations that have even come to serve the purposes of the most peculiar yet available propellants in W.

Volkswagen works to revive, and revive the appearance say more performance, configuration VR6 with bank angle of 15 ° or 10.5 ° to resume very practical design allows it to be implemented in different models of the group thanks to its small footprint in compared with other conventional designs such as six-cylinder V6 or inline 6. The latest evolution more radical VR6 engine was what Volkswagen Passat R36 Stayed with a design update VR with 10.5 ° between benches, 3.6 liters and an output of 300 hp.

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