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Carlsson vitamin the new Mercedes S-Class with 780 hp

mercedes-clase-s-2013-carlsson-p1The new Mercedes S class has just begun to be marketed in some markets, but the expectation has created since it was introduced is hard to find another car. Parallel to the expectant arrival of the first units to dealers of half the world, has created a race between the coaches to see which is the company that creates the change prettier, more extreme or more powerful on Class S.

Brabus has been once again has taken the lead, with the introduction of a preparation with 730 hp and lavish Biturbo Brabus 850 iBusiness 6.0 850 hp. However, Carlsson being left behind and has recently unveiled its proposed new S-Class Presents numerous cosmetic changes and major engine potentisations variants S 500 and S 63 AMG.

A leading Mercedes S Class just wants to revolutionize the car industry

Mercedes-Intelligent-Drive-700-110913-05Mercedes-Benz reveals Intelligent Drive program confirming that the tremendous technological leap of the new Mercedes S class has its rationale in a firm commitment to autonomous driving. Mercedes does not hesitate to point to the current legislation as the only barrier that prevents the autonomous vehicle driving on the roads of many countries. Current technology is far ahead of laws and regulations and Mercedes-Benz wants to change this.

Thus, the Intelligent Drive program uses a Mercedes S 500 with slight modifications to the technology section for rescanning, completely autonomously the 100 miles in August 1888 Bertha Benz made ​​the wheel of the car created by her husband Karl Benz, yes, that car that got lay the foundation of the automobile industry we enjoy today.

Do not forget that the new Mercedes S-Class and provides a first contact autonomous driving through piloted driving technology for jams. This system allows the vehicle to take control at times when traffic is slow to get offer tracking feature and ability to run minimum maneuvering through the steering corrections.

Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake: filtering the sportier look of the Mercedes family

The arrival of your new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake body has filtered its looks sportier version, the CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake. The performance based variant of the new Mercedes family can be seen in a video that shows us moving to this high-flying brake.

An official video to forward us the arrival of the model that aesthetically, it introduces all the features of the AMG department, not expecting any surprise in either twin-turbo V8 engine that poses a serious rival for the Jaguar XF V8 SportBrake and a very interesting vision of how to get a sporty family car.

Mercedes GLA, all the details: the commitment of Mercedes for the compact SUV

Mercedes_GLA_dm_3     Mercedes presents the new Mercedes GLA, the new SUV range. A new member to the family of compact models of the German mark, a new companion for the Mercedes CLA and the Mercedes Class A and a new rival for the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. The successful bid for the compact SUV Mercedes.

Presented on the occasion of the Frankfurt Motor Show, sharing a platform with the Mercedes CLA and the Mercedes Class A mechanical sharing, sharing philosophy now adapted to their condition SUV. A new expression of the design of this family of compact Mercedes models which we now know all the details.

Join us and discover all the features of the new Mercedes GLA.

This Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster von Krieger could become the most expensive auctioned car history

In the world of auto auctions I sincerely believe that is taking a huge price bubble that is leading some collectors to pay the incredible sum of 16.39 million dollars, which is what was paid in 2011 for a prototype Ferrari 250 TR. Everything seems that the record could be broken in a few weeks with the Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster von Krieger you have in your screens, a unique roadster great pre-war.

Produced in 1936 with a modified bodywork designed by Hermann Ahrens, this incredible super-luxury sports belonged to the Prussian royal family, specifically the Baroness Gisela von Krieger. He had the good sense to send the car to Switzerland at the beginning of the Second World War, which saved him from being destroyed or stolen, as another famous case of a Mercedes 500 K. After a few years ended in the U.S., where the baroness took up his permanent residence after the conflict.

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