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A leading Mercedes S Class just wants to revolutionize the car industry

Mercedes-Intelligent-Drive-700-110913-05Mercedes-Benz reveals Intelligent Drive program confirming that the tremendous technological leap of the new Mercedes S class has its rationale in a firm commitment to autonomous driving. Mercedes does not hesitate to point to the current legislation as the only barrier that prevents the autonomous vehicle driving on the roads of many countries. Current technology is far ahead of laws and regulations and Mercedes-Benz wants to change this.

Thus, the Intelligent Drive program uses a Mercedes S 500 with slight modifications to the technology section for rescanning, completely autonomously the 100 miles in August 1888 Bertha Benz made ​​the wheel of the car created by her husband Karl Benz, yes, that car that got lay the foundation of the automobile industry we enjoy today.

Do not forget that the new Mercedes S-Class and provides a first contact autonomous driving through piloted driving technology for jams. This system allows the vehicle to take control at times when traffic is slow to get offer tracking feature and ability to run minimum maneuvering through the steering corrections.

Why is still selling the Mercedes G-Class?

Good question. We speak of a vehicle from which hurl the market in 1979 has received updates but still the same basic design. In addition, it sells a discrete number of units each year and not even made Mercedes, but Magna Steyr, and life as well.

The answer is, among other things, its high price, so that their production is profitable. This price is partly justified in their interiors and technology, high-end, which serve to keep you updated and still meets the standards of the day.

Its largest markets are the Chinese and Russian, where it remains willing to buy it crazy. Why do I say crazy? Because the G 65 AMG is the most expensive model of the entire brand (more than 260,000 euros) and 4 × 4 standard world’s most powerful (612 hp), and the basic G 350 BlueTEC “only” costs 85,000 euros and peak prices in Germany in both cases.

This Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster von Krieger could become the most expensive auctioned car history

In the world of auto auctions I sincerely believe that is taking a huge price bubble that is leading some collectors to pay the incredible sum of 16.39 million dollars, which is what was paid in 2011 for a prototype Ferrari 250 TR. Everything seems that the record could be broken in a few weeks with the Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster von Krieger you have in your screens, a unique roadster great pre-war.

Produced in 1936 with a modified bodywork designed by Hermann Ahrens, this incredible super-luxury sports belonged to the Prussian royal family, specifically the Baroness Gisela von Krieger. He had the good sense to send the car to Switzerland at the beginning of the Second World War, which saved him from being destroyed or stolen, as another famous case of a Mercedes 500 K. After a few years ended in the U.S., where the baroness took up his permanent residence after the conflict.

Mercedes-Benz S Aesthetics: these are the lines of future S Class

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S

Mercedes shows us the first details of the future Class S. It does so in a week’s premieres. A week in which the new Golf will know in a few hours, which will also see the Audi RS5 Cabrio, all data on the new Range Rover and also possibly the new Ford Mondeo. Mercedes now leaves us with a brief overview of the next Mercedes S-Class

With the name of Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S German firm presents through an artistic design baselines of the next generation Mercedes S-Class Vaguely lines that allow us to begin to imagine, with a lot of imagination, as may be the next flagship Mercedes.

Smart four joy concept: the return of the four-seater smart is closer

smart_fourjoy_concept_6-dm-700pxWe know that smart has been working on its new generation smart fortwo and the return of the smart forfour, a small four-seater urban utility to share a platform with the next Renault Twingo. Recall that Renault-Nissan and Daimler signed an agreement in 2010 to jointly develop – among others – engines and small cars. During this time it has been rumored even the possibility of a crossover-focused smart. But for now the only certainty we have is that at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in just a few days, contemplate a first look of the new smart fortwo and forfour that will reach European showrooms – not later – in early 2015.

The smart fourjoy, presented in Frankfurt, will be a four-seater prototype will appeal to more traditional aesthetic key subsidiary of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz. The first images leaked on the internet that illustrate this article we show how the smart fourjoy retains the famous tridion safety cell and a sideline lacking doors, relatively speaking, we remind the Renault Twizy design.

Mercedes GLA Edition 1, a special edition to launch their marketing

mercedes-gla-edition1-p1As is the situation in the European automotive market, it is normal to come to market brands offered a model with interesting variations that incorporate equipment packages linked to the engines that are going to demand more, in order to quickly circulate the first units and increase their visibility. However, Mercedes-Benz has chosen to launch its latest with an initial print exclusivity increases (and price) of the model significantly.

The latest model to hit the market with this unique form of release is the Mercedes GLA, the compact SUV unveiled at Frankfurt. In the wake of issues like the Mercedes A 45 AMG Edition 1 comes to market Mercedes GLA Edition 1 with a barrage of new aesthetic to differentiate it from conventional units. Unlike what happened to the Class A and GLA, which were offered only with Version AMG, the Mercedes GLA Edition 1 will be available with all engines of the car.

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