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Zenos E10, the alternative to Caterham Seven driven by Ansar Ali

zenos-e10-chasis-1One of the great architects of Caterham registered growth in recent years has been Ansar Ali, named CEO of the British firm in 2005 and remained in charge until the summer of 2012. The turning point in the company, which came to be controlled by Tony Fernandes, forced this goodbye although Ansar Ali felt identified with the philosophy of the brand. So much so that the British exdirectivo has decided to embark on a new adventure that has many similarities by Caterham.

A few days ago, Ansar Ali announced the creation of the company Zenos Cars, launched together with Caterham COO Mark Edwards, and said what the first steps that will this ambitious brand. First, they have released the first details of Zenos E10, a model that will own philosophy of Caterham Seven, the BAC Mono or Vühl 05, which seeks greater lightness and greater power / weight ratio possible. The goal is to get a car that weighs less than 650 kg and has a ratio of 300 hp / tonne.

Toyota Hilux Invincible, an elegant touch to the pick-up indestructible

toyota-hilux-invincible-p1When we think of the Toyota Hilux, many immediately associate this name with the durability, reliability and endurance under extreme conditions which boasts this model. Surely many still have in mind the chapter of Top Gear in which the BBC guys trying to destroy a unit Hilux various ways, including fire, without success. The Japanese firm is aware of the reputation it has and so have decided to create a special edition playing with the invincibility of the Toyota Hilux.

This edition has been dubbed Toyota Hilux Invincible. Although his name invites us to think they have created a variant intended to be battered to exhaustion, the fact is that this is an issue that seeks to tap more subtle and elegant lines. Outside you can see details like 17-inch wheels, chrome roof bars, foot pegs, bars cargo area and even details such as mirrors or headlight housings.

The Hilux Invincible is available with double cab body styles or extra cab, and the ends tied to Active or Sport trim. In any variant, the equipment is enhanced with a series of elements characteristic of a passenger in a vehicle to work. Thus, the Hilux Invincible includes center armrest, black fabric upholstery and leather handbrake. In option even offers leather upholstery.

The Alfa Romeo Monoposto 8C-35 Type C of Tazio Nuvolari auction with record figures

alfa-romeo-8c-35-subasta-p-1 Tazio Nuvolari was one of the great drivers of the twentieth century. His career was always closely linked to Alfa Romeo – Alfa Corse both as Scuderia Ferrari – but also competed successfully for Auto Union, before the Second World War. In Goodwood Revival – another classic event we would happily go – has auctioned an Alfa Romeo Monoposto 8C-35 Type C with which competed in 1935, under the colors of Ferrari, Enzo fabricase before their own machines.

However, his greatest feat of the year – and one of the most memorable of his career – was beating the Auto Union Type B and an old Mercedes W25 Alfa Romeo P3 with several years behind … in the Grand Prix of Germany , raced at the Nurburgring. The Alfa Romeo Monoposto 8C-35 Type C before us today has become its own right in the most expensive Alfa Romeo in history ever auctioned.

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