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The next Honda CR-Z is based on the Civic Type R … and could reach about 225 horses

honda-cr-z-2013-b1-dm-700pxInteresting rumor that comes from Motoring involving the next Honda Civic Type R and the upcoming Honda CR-Z, a Honda CR-Z looks set to reach a hefty 225 horsepower, basing their platform on the new generation of sport compact Honda while overfeeding also make an appearance in the hybrid.

With the first details of Honda Civic Type R confirmed officially by the Japanese firm now reach the first rumors about a new generation of the Honda CR-Z ready to change significantly from the current-compact coupe. Overfeeding has come to Honda … and it seems like going beyond the engine bay of the new Honda Civic Type R.

Toyota wants a sporty sub-brand

Toyota_Yaris_Hybrid-R_1280_DM_26Toyota has served an abundant serving of sportsmanship in Frankfurt. Neither more nor less than a Toyota Yaris led to 420 horses under the name of Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R. But the news about Toyota and the sporty side of the Japanese firm have not been there. Toyota wants its own sub-brand sport. Your Abarth, its Nismo.

As we await the arrival of the Toyota Supra successor, a model that could be presented and conceptually in the next Hall of Tokyo, in late November, while an alleged expect more performance version of the Toyota GT 86, Karl Schlicht, vice president of Toyota Europe revealed this intention on the part of the Japanese firm to have its own line of sports models.

According to Schlicht had informed during the Frankfurt Motor Show Auto Express Toyota would have its own brand of sports models in two years and may use the initials of TMG, Toyota Motorsport GmbH to call this division.

Toyota Hybrid-R: derived from a model currently in production and 400 horsepower

Second_teaserToyota has prepared us a major surprise for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. We noticed it recently, we noticed a few days ago and did presenting and the name of the creature … the creature conceptual: the Toyota Hybrid-R. Now, the Japanese firm delights us with a first image, for now only taught us the logo of this new conceptual model.

What has prepared Toyota? For now it is a mystery, but now the firm and has left us with few … but important details. It seems that in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show we expect a good dose of sportiness hand with the touch hybrid Toyota trademark … a dose of sportiness hybrid come from current production model.

In the new release that has presented Toyota warns as this Toyota Hybrid-R Concept, based on a current model of production will rise to 400 hp thanks to a mechanical hybrid inspired by the competition model TS030, mechanics that the competition model is formed by a 500-hp V8 and 300-hp electric block.

Toyota Hilux Invincible, an elegant touch to the pick-up indestructible

toyota-hilux-invincible-p1When we think of the Toyota Hilux, many immediately associate this name with the durability, reliability and endurance under extreme conditions which boasts this model. Surely many still have in mind the chapter of Top Gear in which the BBC guys trying to destroy a unit Hilux various ways, including fire, without success. The Japanese firm is aware of the reputation it has and so have decided to create a special edition playing with the invincibility of the Toyota Hilux.

This edition has been dubbed Toyota Hilux Invincible. Although his name invites us to think they have created a variant intended to be battered to exhaustion, the fact is that this is an issue that seeks to tap more subtle and elegant lines. Outside you can see details like 17-inch wheels, chrome roof bars, foot pegs, bars cargo area and even details such as mirrors or headlight housings.

The Hilux Invincible is available with double cab body styles or extra cab, and the ends tied to Active or Sport trim. In any variant, the equipment is enhanced with a series of elements characteristic of a passenger in a vehicle to work. Thus, the Hilux Invincible includes center armrest, black fabric upholstery and leather handbrake. In option even offers leather upholstery.

In a new MR2 successor to Z4: what to expect from the shared platform between Toyota-BMW?

BMW_Vision_Connected_Drive_Concept_2011_07-1024x723_dm_700We are very aware of the work that BMW and Toyota are doing together to develop a new sporty Focus platform. A platform that has already made us think about the successor to the Toyota Supra … but it also makes us think about the next generation BMW Z4 … and now in the next BMW 6 Series.

Initiated in 2011, the alliance seems that this platform is ready to give us no little joy. From Toyota Supra successor and allegedly the successor of Toyota MR2. From BMW Z4 and future generational the BMW 6 Series, as well as consider and even for the model to be responsible for relieving the Toyota GT 86.

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