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BMW M3: it sounds like the new generation?

bmw-m-performance-essen-2012-07-1024x691 (1)We want to see as the new BMW M3. The M3 and of course the BMW M4. Luckily, it seems that there is too much for us to know the alternative sports saloon BMW mean to a new generation of myth. The latest rumors we had been warned about it … now it’s BMW to launch with a video where the sound seems to be in the hands of the new generation of the BMW M3.

The German firm has not confirmed this development in video form that is the BMW M3, but sticking to the forecasts in the arrival of new models referred think so, we are facing the new BMW M3 roaring for our delight before its official … may well be in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

Little left to view the video presented on the official Youtube channel under the title BMW “BMW M is preparing something new” or what is the same, a statement of sportiness, especially when you consider the melody that accompanies video, of a fruit next model BMW M department.

Mercedes-Benz S Aesthetics: these are the lines of future S Class

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S

Mercedes shows us the first details of the future Class S. It does so in a week’s premieres. A week in which the new Golf will know in a few hours, which will also see the Audi RS5 Cabrio, all data on the new Range Rover and also possibly the new Ford Mondeo. Mercedes now leaves us with a brief overview of the next Mercedes S-Class

With the name of Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S German firm presents through an artistic design baselines of the next generation Mercedes S-Class Vaguely lines that allow us to begin to imagine, with a lot of imagination, as may be the next flagship Mercedes.

The Mercedes SL passes through the hands of Brabus

Mercedes SL

Unless major surprise, the range of the new generation of the Mercedes SL is closed, and that soon the German firm has launched the offer conventional engines and the sporty SL 63 AMG and SL 65 AMG. From now probably start seeing numerous preparations on either version, since the SL has traditionally been one of the favorite models of tuning companies. An early Brabus was always on the ball about Mercedes is concerned.

So far have been limited to mundane changes on the Mercedes SL 500, away from the savagery of more than 800 hp that have made them so famous. However, it does have undertaken an enhancement of its 4.7 V8 biturbo engine that delivers 435 hp standard and 700nm. Thanks to the reprogramming of the electronics and small changes in engine power has increased to 520 hp with a maximum torque of 820 Nm. The seven-speed automatic transmission remains unchanged.

Mercedes G63 AMG 6 × 6: 451,010 euros in Germany

Mercedes_G_63_AMG_6X6_1The interpretation of the excess as Mercedes and priceless. And no, I’m talking about the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, which rather than excess is the perfect interpretation of sin according to the German firm. The 6X6 Mercedes G 63 AMG now has a starting price for Germany, a price that leads him to become the Mercedes with a higher production cost. 379,000 euros, 451,010 euros if you count the German VAT, are to blame for it.

With a limited production, between 20 and 30 units a year, the Mercedes G 63 AMG 6X6 happened to be crazy, a fad that seemed destined to remain as a curiosity in the history of the brand to reach production, going even longer by Brabus hands, able to loop the loop with Brabus B63S.

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