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Ford EcoSport: a miniature Kuga for Europe in 2014


Eighteen months. That will be the time we have to wait to see the new Ford EcoSport in Europe, a small SUV that gets to position itself as the alternative to SUV Ford Fiesta a notch below the Ford Kuga. Born initially as a product designed for emerging markets, Asia and South America, it seems that the success in Europe of small SUV has been reason enough to introduce it in its global product strategy and definitely throw in the old continent.

The Ford EcoSport recaptures the aesthetics of its big brother the Kuga in a body of just 4.20 meters, which aims to combine attractive design and success of the SUV with an economical and efficient packaging and practical for day to day in the city and field. A candidate to rival the Nissan Juke. While for Europeans is an entirely unknown, dates from 2003 EcoSport franchise and has sold over 700,000 units in South America.

Attached images in this article correspond to the last generation to come to Europe probably in late 2013 or early 2014.

It’s official: the new Ford Mustang will be sold in Europe

Ford Mustang 2013

No more waiting, or rather, the countdown begins now. Countdown to the arrival of the Ford Mustang to officially European market, which will be sold by the hand of Ford of Europe. A step in the complete globalization of the range, where the models are intended exclusively to a market or continent will absolutely minority or no exist. Besides the presentation of new models such as the Ford Mondeo 2013, Ford Fiesta 2013 and the Ford EcoSport, the event “Go Further” Ford, held this morning in Amsterdam, let this juicy news.

Besides the Ford Mustang, another model unknown in these parts will also come to Europe: in this case it is an SUV, the Ford Edge. The truth is that “Go Further” was a big event and left us with plenty of news about the U.S. multinational, including plan that will enhance its product to Europe with this flood of new and refurbished models in all segments (expected no less than fifteen) in the coming years to increase its sales in Europe.

Peugeot 6008, we will see in 2015 with a V6

peugeot-sxc-01-dm-1024x512Peugeot will have its own mid-size SUV. While the Peugeot 2008 will take care of the prolific B-segment SUV, facing the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur and the newly introduced Ford EcoSport, lion signature added to their ranks a new SUV that will have as main objective the Chinese market.

Citroën will have its own SUV through hand production model derived from the Citroën Wild Rubis Concept, model like this Peugeot will be designed by and for the Chinese market, where, like saloons, enjoy a good host these models.

Now there are new details of the arrival of the Peugeot 6008, including rumors are already talking about the presence of a block V6 gasoline.

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